Before any service I will ask you to provide details on your lifestyle, personal style, and budget.  Size and measurements will be taken down for reference and I will carry out a colour analysis looking at your skin, eyes and hair.  I can carry this out remotely (I get it, sometimes it’s easier), although I do recommend a one to one at my house, or your home.


Wardrobe edit

4 hours £240 A medium size/large wardrobe

2 hours £150 Mini wardrobe


I promise to give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life, finding you a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny.  You have so many more outfits than you think; I will put pieces together you had never thought of and identify key items missing from your wardrobe which, will even further your existing wardrobe.  I will eliminate clothes, which we are unable to alter and not flattering.  The foundation of your refresh will be complete.

Following the edit I will give you a stylebook of all the outfits we have put together, a great reference point and keepsake, which will make life going forward easier.


Personal shop

2-3 hours £250

4 hours £300

Full day £375


Prior to any personal shop, I will have carried out a pre-shop (free of charge).  I will request stores keep items to one side for our arrival. I aim to save as much time, so our time is as productive as possible.


This is perfect if you head to the shops and don’t know where to start, you don’t have many items in your wardrobe, or you buy the same things over and over again.  Clients also love using this service if they have a special event coming up. The personal shop is a great complement to the wardrobe edit, as it allows us to shop for those items which, are missing from your wardrobe or allow us to pull even more outfits together. 

I will introduce you to new shops, new styles and colours you never thought to wear.  Show you where to buy the best pieces from, in terms of price and quality.  Teach you how to accessorise.  Look at current trends and incorporate these into your wardrobe.  Also talk through items which, you may want to consider buying in the future and plan how to do this more effectively.

I want to teach you, how to shop.   Ultimately, saving time and money.

Power hour £99

Your time and budget is limited –I understand.

A consultation is crucial here, even if completed remotely.  This service is perfect for a specific outfit or occassion.  The personal shop can be completed by both of us or I am happy to bring a selection of pieces to you when convenient.



Step 1 –You hate shopping, and simply want solutions from the comfort of your sofa.

Send me an email with your style dilemm

Step 2 –We connect and over a skype session, cover the consulatation requirements.

Step 3 –I will put together a Wardrobe of item ideas (including shopping links)

The Ultimate

2 half days (£400)

Half a day wardrobe edit, Half a day Personal shop

Packing service


You are going on holiday or have a business trip away, and I will take the stress away from you by going through your wardrobe, packing for you and putting together outfits for day and evening and photographing these for your reference when away. 

Location Personal Shops

Bicester village shop £500

London £560

All details as the personal shop, but travel and lunch is included. 



Cancellation requests recieved less than 48 hours before our session will incur 50 percent of charge

Cancellation requests recieved less than 24 hours before our session will incur the full charge