Event and wedding styling

Event and wedding styling


We all dream of that big day, events like a wedding rarely pass unnoticed and usually call for a big celebration when one ties a knot with a loved one. Preparations could be hectic and arrangements cumbersome think of the flowers and wedding elegance, it gets confusing from the anxiety and future expectation and therefore calls assistance.

Event preparations could be challenging balancing through the meetings and budgeting while considering work as well, the combination could be overwhelming that’s where The Wardrober comes in, rest back and wait for the big day. I will walk with you through the preparation and ensure it’s a success is achieved.

If you are wondering what kind of flowers to pick for your event maybe color and style of the setting, just share the theme of your wedding and I will extend my expertise to transform the occasion with style and ease considering what the occasion means to you and your comfort while making the experience worthwhile. An event is considered successful when everything is order; elegance and style not withstanding, my contributions to assist you bring that class to the occasion can completely change the area into an urban and personalised celebration space that brings the whole day into a halt. 

Whatever your events needs are in terms of styling whether it’s just any other family celebration, I will transform into memorable experience. Quality service is all I stand for and to ensure the best outcome on your event.

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