Wardrobe Edits with Colour Analysis & Style Book

Wardrobe Edits with Colour Analysis & Style Book

from 250.00

My most popular service!

I promise to give your wardrobe a whole new lease of life, finding you a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny

Before any Wardrobe Edit or Personal shop, I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire, so I have a better idea of your lifestyle, personal style, budget and goals.  It will be the first thing we go through during our Wardrobe Edit.  

Secondly, I will carry out a Colour Analysis looking at your skin, eyes and hair.  This will help us when carrying out your Wardrobe edit but also assist when you are shopping in the future

We will then move onto your wardrobe...

I specialise in both Colour AND Body shape, so I am able to give you a unbiased, professional opinion on every item.

I will eliminate clothes that we are unable to alter or are no longer flattering.

I will put pieces together you had never thought, you have so many more outfits than you think.  I will identify key items missing from your wardrobe, which will even further your existing wardrobe. 

Your wardrobe will be neat, tidy, manageable and more functional

The foundation to your refresh will be complete. 

Following the edit I will give you a stylebook of all the outfits we have put together, a great reference point and keepsake which will make life going forward easier.  

A Small -Medium wardrobe £150

A Large Wardrobe £230

Maybe going through your whole wardrobe is a little intimidating?  Pull out a few items you are unsure of for a mini session?  You may need help putting a capsule wardrobe together? I can tailor this service to suit you.



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